This service is geared towards the author with an idea but lacking the words to articulate it. A ghostwriting works with you from scratch. Together we’ll come up with an outline, depending on if it is fiction or non-fiction, and word-by-word build all the basics of the work: the pace, structure, theme, progression of ideas, and all the major elements pertinent to the specified genre. This type of service requires intense organization and communication between the editor and author, so only authors serious about the investment of time and who are aggressively pursuing traditional publication should consider this service, since it is expensive and intensive. For authors interested in this service, we require you to already have a set intention for the book, a general outline of the work, and a 5,000-word introduction/prologue so that we can assess your voice and style to better fit “you” on paper.

Price: This service is charged on an hourly basis. Inquire for details.