Editing Services

Our free sample edit will help you determine your editing needs from the following options. Click on each service to find the cost per word:

My book has been edited, but I want it checked for any missed errors before I send it out: Proofing—We’ll be the last set of eyes to check basic grammar, punctuation, spelling, and missing words.

I have finished writing my book, but I don’t know if it meets publisher standards:
Copyedit—A copyedit will polish your prose  and heighten your language where necessary. The edit will attempt to augment tight writing consistent with modern publishing trends. We will also suggest ways to enhance poor transitions, point out dry spots in the text, and address other areas needing improvement based on the genre.

I have written a book, but it feels incomplete. I’m having trouble getting it into finished form: Developmental Edit—A developmental edit digs deeper into the text than a copyedit and reworks the major elements of the book when a copyedit isn’t enough. For fiction, this includes developing realistic characterization, building vivid atmosphere, working through the storyline, tightening the prose, and establishing your theme. For non-fiction, this includes developing an organized flow of information, tightening the prose, establishing a concrete theme throughout, and applying examples and necessary elaboration where needed.

I have not completed my book, or I just have an outline, and I need someone to work through it step-by-step with me: Ghostwriting—This is a one-on-one author-editor service that requires intensive time. For details on how the process works, please contact us directly with your general book concept, theme, genre, and a synopsis of where you want to go with the work.

Once I get my book edited, I’ll need a book proposal to give to agents and publishing houses: Selected edit and book proposal package—Based on your editing needs selected from the above choices, we’ll do an edit along with a book proposal consisting of a query letter and synopsis. You’ll save money if you provide a rough synopsis and query letter for us to work off of, but we also do them from scratch.

My book is ready to go to print, but it needs one last proofreading: Production Proofing—This service is a last-minute proofing to ensure any minor errors are caught before the book goes to print. It also checks for consistency in the layout of the book.