What is the most important consideration in selecting a book editor?

There are several considerations in selecting the best book editor for your work. First is experience. Editors who have worked for publishing houses have an edge on those who haven’t, mainly because they’re the ones who have sat behind the desk accepting or rejecting submission requests. They have professional experience and the credentials to back it up. They know that the mechanics—grammar, punctuation, etc.—aren’t what make a good book. A strong book critique, which is offered with all Proofed to Perfection editing services, addresses the major areas of the work that need substantial improvement to get the book up to publishing house standards.

A second consideration is how they relate to your voice and style. Your editor should be able to represent you in their work. This is where a sample edit significantly helps. It allows the author to see where the editor and author align, because the book should ultimately be your work, your voice, and your writing style. Otherwise, just hire a ghostwriter to write the book for you.

The last consideration is track record. Does the editor leave clients feeling pleased with the work? Does the editor provide the service promised? This is essential for establishing long-lasting relationships with satisfied clientele.