How does the editing process work?

It is quite simple, actually. We offer a free sample edit and critique so that you can compare your choices in editorial services. Once you receive your sample edit and critique and decide to purchase an edit, you select which service you are interested in: proofing, copyedit, or developmental edit. When we perform a sample edit for your book, we will suggest the editing service that would best meet your book’s needs. A well-polished book might only need a simple proofing to clean it up for publication. A book lacking tight wording but containing strong literary elements might benefit from a copyedit. If more substantial work is needed, a developmental edit would help rewrite sections and guide the author through extensive changes to the plot, theme, characterization, and so on.

Once you submit your service request, a contract will be e-mailed to you outlining the project details. You will mail the signed contract along with your deposit (via check, or we also accept all major credit cards online) and the rest is easy—we do all the work! Proofed to Perfection encourages open communication so that you never have to feel “in the dark.”

Once final payment is received, your professionally edited manuscript will be e-mailed to you along with a comprehensive evaluation, agent/publisher information, and book proposal tools. Now the book is ready to go out to publishers and agents. It’s as easy as that!